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About the Department

Subharti Hospital is a pioneer of Emergency care services. Hospital guarantees you the highest levels of skill, expertise and infrastructure. The protocols at our 24-hour emergency service and trauma care department are designed to respond quicker, and have proven outcomes that are on par with the very best in the world. We actively leverage our multi-specialty prowess to deliver the crucial edge in emergency care.

In Emergency Medicine Department of Subharti Hospital, there is always easy and swift access to the best trauma surgeons capable of performing cutting edge procedures. We have cardiologists, CTVS Surgeon, neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedics, pediatrics, trauma specialists, plastic surgeons, urologists, crosurgeons, laparoscopic surgeons, gynecologists, critical care specialists, medicine specialists and other specialist doctors on 24×7 standby for expert care during a medical emergency.

Our patients can expect Safe, Effective, Timely, Efficient Care at all times from our emergency department. Our main focus areas include :

  •  Team for handling polytrauma
  •  Special emergency and ICU Care protocols
  •  Trained, qualified and skilled emergency staff
  •  24*7 ambulance services, blood bank services, central lab services


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