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Nuclear Medicine is one of the most rapidly developing clinical specialties. It uses unsealed radioactive substances in diagnosis and therapy. In diagnosis, radioactive substances are administered to patients and the radiation emitted is measured. The majority of these diagnostic tests involves the formation of an image using a gamma camera. Imaging may also be referred to as radionuclide imaging or nuclear scintigraphy. Under diagnostic use of this department, following tests ared one here at Subharti Hospital :-

1- PET- CT
2- SPECT – DTPA for Kidney, Thyroid Scan, Cardiac Scan, Lymphangiography, Tagged RBC Scan, Perfusion Scan, Bone Scan, VQ Scan

Under therapeutic use, purpose of nuclear medicine department is to provide therapy for

1- Thyroid Ablation
2- Bone secondary Ablation
3- Leutition Therapy for Prostate Carcinoma


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