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The motto at plastic surgery division of surgery dept is to "REPAIR, RESTORE & ENHANCE.

Goal is to provide the finest healthcare available in the compassionate and accessible environment & to be at the forefront of medicine and putting our patients needs first.

A wide spectru of reconstructive & aesthetic plastic surgery operations is carried out to restore form & function for congenital or acquired deformities or defects involving skin, head & neck including craniomaxillofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast and trunk & genitalia; or cosmetic enhancement of these areas.

Some Of The Surgeries Performed Are

  •   Craniofacial & maxillofacial Surgery
  •   Cleft Lip-Plate surgeries
  •   Orthognathic surgery
  •   Correction of craniofacial deformities
  •   Maxillofacial trauma
  •   Oculoplastic Surgeries : Ptosis, Ectropion, Eyelid reconstruction, socket reconstruction

Reconstructive Surgeries

  •   Ear & Nose reconstruction
  •   Post trauma flap cover for compound fractures
  •   Post Cancer surgery reconstruction
  •   Congenital defect correction: Hypospadias polydactyl, Syndactyl etc
  •   Angioplasty for vaginal agenesis


  •   Management of Acute Burns
  •   Post Burns Deformity correction

Hand Surgery

  •   Trauma - Nerve, tendon, vessel repairs
  •   Tendon transfer for Nerve Palsies
  •   Brachial plexus injuries

Microvascular Surgery

  •   Replantation & revascularization surgeries
  •   Free Tissue Transfers
  •   Vascular access surgery
  •   Hemangiomas, vascular & lymphatic anomalies, avms

Cosmetic Surgery

  •   Body contour surgeries, abdominoplasty, liposuction
  •   Breast Reduction and augmentation

Cosmetic Surgery

  •   Facelift, Brow lift, Blepharoplasty (Blepharoplasty)
  •   Surgery for Vitiligo
  •   Hair transplantation
  •   Laser removal of unwanted hair
  •   Laser surgery for scars
  •   Genital rejuvenation
  •   Hymenoplasty


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