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Neurosurgery and Neurocritical care at Subharti is offering it's patients affordable treatment with best of care. The centre is well equipped with 24 hours emergency facility for any kind of Neurosurgical emergencies. Patients with polytrauma; aneurysmal bleed; intra cranial hematoma and severe head injuries have been successfully managed. There is dedicated 24 hours emergency OT for prompt intervention for such patients.

Trauma patients are primarily stabilized based on ATLS guidelines and simultaneously evaluated for associated injuries. Round the clock imaging facilities and lab services are available, in house.

The OT is well equipped with microscope and Endoscopic instruments. Microscopic tumor removal; Aneurysm clipping; spine surgery; emergency decompression and head injuries, endoscopic dicectomy and other endoscopic procedures including ETV; shunt surgery for hydocephlalus; surgery for congenital spinal dysraphism are being done at Subharti. Paediatric patients are kept in separate ICU.

Neurosurgery OPD days has been witnessing patients from far off places to seek opinion and consultation.


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