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The oncology department is a branch of medicine that studies tumors and seeks to understand their growth, diagnosis, treatments and prevention. The physicians practicing oncology are known as oncologists. These oncologists coordinate with the pathologists to understand the exact biological nature of a tumor under treatment and follow a multi-disciplinary caring approach for cancer patients that include clinical genetics, counseling and physiotherapy.

The Oncology Department at Subharti Hospital has best cancer specialist of India indulged in the treatment of various kinds of Cancers and tumors. The department includes various disciplines of palliative medicine, surgical, medical. The cancer specialist team provides a multi-disciplinary, super-specialty healing approach to all kinds of cancers such as blood cancers and solid tumors with a comprehensive range of cancer care services in India.

The oncology services at the hospital include an approach to screen, diagnose and treat the patients suffering from cancer. Our up to date technologies, diagnostic services and chemotherapy protocols offers comprehensive care to our cancer / tumors patients.


Best Team of the department.


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